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Simply identify a role in your organization that you wish to screen for (examples: furniture delivery personnel, cashier, inside sales, accountant). Then, answer the questions that follow in relation to this role. Based on your answers, a recommended list of background check services will instantly appear.

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Public Company
A public company or publicly traded company is a company that has permission to offer its registered securities for sale to the general public.

Federal Government Contractor
A company that is contracted to sell products or services to the federal government.

Access to Finance
Describes a role in which the individual will have access to or control over financial records or finances of the company.

Fiduciary Responsibility
A role that entails an ethical or legal relationship of confidence or trust regarding the management of money or property.

Position of Trust
Position of trust is a legal term that refers to a position of authority over another person or within an organization.

Leadership Role
Describes a role where the individual will be in a position of authority over a group of people and/or will represent the company as a key figurehead.

Drug Free Workplace
Describes an organization that has an established drug and alcohol abuse prevention program.

Prerequisite level of education
This position requires an individual to have attained a specific level of education.

Prerequisite professional license required
This position requires an individual to have a professional license.

Operate a motor vehicle
This position requires an individual to operate a motor vehicle on the job.

SSN Locator
Our instant SSN Locator report provides a logical connection between name and number, and determines the validation of the number against issued numbers and against the death index. The SSN Locator serves as the basis of further background screening efforts by determining jurisdictions and names to include in local criminal records and related searches. The SSN Locator report provides a seven-year address history, previous names associated with the SSN, issuance date, and state of issue.

CrimNet Criminal Database Search
Our own CrimNet criminal records search offers a dynamic criminal record search of a database containing more than 240 million criminal records from 49+ states with a single search. CrimNet includes multi-state sex and violent offenders’ data from 49 states, and U.S. government watch list data. This is a quick and affordable way to check national criminal records before pursuing records from specific local jurisdictions.

Sex Offenders Record Search
Proforma’s sex offender check is conducted through the Department of Justice portal, which offers access to data from each state’s registry. Reported information varies by state and includes the offender’s name, description of the offense, and may also include personal description, photograph, address, place of employment or name of school, and description of the offender’s vehicle and license plate number.

Local Criminal Records Search - 7 Year History
Centered on the jurisdictions where your applicant has resided over the past seven years (as found in SSN Locator) or in places where we have found potential criminal activity on a broad-level search, our experienced research team obtains local criminal records straight from the authoritative source. These records can uncover felony convictions, misdemeanors, bench warrants, and other local-level court actions. Since we never rely on questionable database sources for our local criminal records, we most often send professional researchers directly into the local courts where they personally retrieve criminal records data.

Federal Criminal Records Search - 7 Year History
Our 7-year federal criminal background check centers on the districts in which your applicant has resided over the past 7 years and offers reported information among the 93 districts that handle federal criminal cases.

Motor Vehicle Records Search
This search delivers an abstract of the individual's driving record that includes items such as license status, endorsements, points, and infractions.

Employment Credit Report
An employment credit check provides a summary of balances, payment history, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and official inquiries. Reports are delivered along with any other requested background reports via our secure web-based screening system.

Education Verification
Proforma offers pre employment education verification to verify your applicants’ post-high school educational degrees. We typically verify the highest level attained but the verification can be expanded further. We match our methodology to the individual institution, following the protocols necessary to achieve a successful verification. Sometimes this means we interact directly with the college or university and other times we’re dealing with an outside authority.

Employment Verification, last 7 years up to 3 employers
Our basic employment verification service provides a confirmation from the applicant’s employer of start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire. Most verification requests are completed by phone but some must be handled by mail. Either way, our experts get the job done right, fast.

Media and Civil Records Searches
We will conduct a thorough search of civil court records at the County (upper and lower courts) and Federal levels, based on the type of information being sought. We typically search a 7 years history but this time frame can be modified to meet your needs.

In addition, we'll include a media search, which is a news amalgamation database search of all major media over a given time frame using the individual’s first and last name. We also cover social media searches, looking at the individual’s internet identities and reviewing any social media profiles, such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

Healthcare Sanctions Check
Our healthcare sanctions check searches US Dept. of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General's (OIG) database for individuals and businesses excluded or sanctioned from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, or other federally funded health care programs on the basis of convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.

Drug Screening
We offer employment drug screening for common illegal and/or prescription drugs of abuse through a variety of testing methods. We'll help you determine the method that's right for your needs.

Professional License Verification
We will verify your applicant’s professional license, certification, or credentials, the date issued, expiration date and status with the issuing authority.

I-9/E-Verify Verification
Receive automated I-9 verification results using E-Verify, as required by law in several states, to establish your employee’s right to work. Results are reported and stored via E-Authorize, our on-demand enterprise screening system.