If They Don’t Belong Behind the Wheel, Do They Belong in Your Workforce?

One thing most adult Americans share is that they drive a lot. You could argue, along with a substantial majority of armchair sociologists, that our culture is built around the automobile. But when a person climbs behind the wheel, he takes his personal traits and characteristics with him: his driving is a reflection of who he is, and the record of it is an important part of his personal background.

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Human Capital Risk

This article, published in the April 2014 issue of Excellence Essentials presented by HR.com, illustrates how managers can use specific background screening tactics to mitigate risks due to human action within a strategic ERM framework.

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New Infographic Summarizes a Model Employment Background Screening Process

Proforma Screening Solutions, a unit of the Lowers Risk Group, has published a new infographic that summarizes an employment screening process that will enhance compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance while at the same time helping employers minimize hiring risks by identifying applicants who should be excluded from the hiring pool.

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Proforma Screening Solutions Announced as Silver Sponsor of the Inaugural SCTA Conference

A leading employment screening company is announced as a Silver Sponsor of the First Annual Conference for the Secure Cash & Transport Association. Proforma Screening Solutions, a leading employment screening company, is confirmed as a Silver Sponsor of the inaugural conference for the Secure Cash and Transport Association (SCTA). The Conference will take place October 3-4, 2013 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. The event will bring together professionals and organizations in ATM servicing, cash handling and processing, transportation, and safe keeping of cash and coin throughout North America.

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