hiring ex offenders

How to Use Background Screening to Hire Second-Chance Workers

Should you hire someone who has been convicted of a crime? Chances are, whether you know it or not, you already have. More than one in four Americans has a criminal record. This reality, as well as the legal realities of using criminal background checks in hiring, make it difficult to exclude all ex-offenders.

In this guide, we show that there is a path employers can take to hire ex-offenders with success, using a risk management strategy that leverages information to reduce the odds of an ex-offender failing.


  • The Employers’ Dilemma in Hiring Ex-Offenders
  • Follow the Math: Your Workforce Will Probably
  • Have to Include Ex-Offenders
  • To Hire or Not to Hire: Evaluating the Risks
  • Public Policy to Employer: Hire a Felon!
  • Would More Jobs for Ex-Offenders Reduce Recidivism?
  • Does Hiring Ex-Offenders Put You at Risk?
  • How to Hire an Ex-Offender