Manage Hiring Risks with Employment Screening

Especially for Chubb Crime Insurance Customers

You value the role of insurance in managing the risks of doing business in today’s complex and litigious world. Chubb’s crime insurance is specifically designed to help SMEs not only survive but thrive despite the most complex threats of litigation that may expose their bottom line.

Equally important to being protected when things go wrong, is reducing the likelihood of damaging or catastrophic events happening in the first place. Employment screening is an essential hiring and employee retention tool used to reduce the risks associated with the people who drive the success or failure of your company.

Knowing the history and past behaviors of the people you hire and retain can help you predict how well they will perform in your organization – in terms of both safety and quality of work. And considering every employer is responsible for the actions of their workers, employment screening and ongoing employee monitoring is simply the right thing to do.

Special Offer for Chubb Crime Insurance Customers

Chubb and Proforma Screening Solutions have come together to deliver this special offer to our shared customers.

Sign up for a Proforma Screening account and receive:

  • Complimentary Level 1 background checks
  • Free 1 hour consultation
  • Preferential rates
  • Policy development guidance

At Proforma Screening Solutions, we’ve been on the leading edge of the employment screening industry for more than 20 years. Our comprehensive employment screening services are designed to quickly, easily, and accurately bring the right people into your organization. Using only quality data sources and maintaining the safety of personal identifying information ensures you get the insight you need without unnecessary risks.


The Details:

Complimentary Screening Services:

Chubb crime insurance clients will receive five complementary Level 1 background screens as a result of their participation in the affinity program. This enables participants to begin to experience the benefits of screening without financial risk. Such participation is subject to the standard terms and condition of Proforma Screening Solutions Standard Fees for services agreement and compliance requirements.

Free 1 Hour Consultation:

As part of the benefits of membership, each participant will receive a one hour methodology review session with a screening expert. This session will cover screening methodology sensitive to position risk, basic compliance and disqualification guidance.

Access to Ongoing Preferential Rates:

Chubb crime insurance customers will receive preferential pricing from Proforma Screening Solutions for subsequent employment background checks. These rates will be detailed in a proposed customer agreement and based on the type and number of background checks required.

Policy Development:

A background screening program is only as good as the policy underpinning it; members have complimentary access to basic policy framework from which to hang their specific needs, and access to background screening experts to help develop more specialized policy.