Pre-Employment Drug Testing Services

Your latest applicant may not fit the stereotype of a drug user, but how do you know for sure? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), most of the nation’s estimated 16.4 million illicit drug users and 15 million heavy alcohol users hold full time jobs in the U.S.

With these numbers, chances are good that your organization will, at some point in time, employ or be solicited for employment by an individual with a substance abuse problem. Considering the irreparable damage that can be caused by a single incident involving substance abuse and knowing that individuals with substance abuse problems typically function at only 65% of their potential, pre-employment drug testing should play an important role in the employment screening process.

Description of Services

We offer pre-employment drug screening for common illegal and/or prescription drugs through a variety of testing methods:

Urine Drug Testing

A standard urine test is one of the most common methods to accurately and reliably detect casual drug use that has occurred in the past 72 hours. We offer 5-panel and 10-panel urinalysis drug screening.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Using a sample of hair to test for drugs is fast becoming a preferred method of drug screening. Hair drug tests are an increasingly accurate and inexpensive way to test for drug use with a long detection window. Another important benefit of hair testing is that there is no known way for a subject to intentionally falsify the results.

Saliva Drug Testing

A saliva drug test is a simple and noninvasive method to test for recent drug use. The person being tested can be closely monitored during the testing process, making it more difficult to adulterate. The downside is that saliva tests are not approved by SAMHSA for Department of Transportation Federal mandated drug testing programs.

DOT Drug Testing

To meet drug screening requirements set by the Department of Transportation, we offer DOT compliant 5-Panel drug screening conducted by a SAMSHA-certified laboratory near you.

For your current employees we also offer random drug testing services.

A single point of contact for all of your pre-employment drug testing needs:

Proforma can be your single point of contact for the entire pre-employment drug-screening process. With our web-based screening system you can easily order and obtain applicant consent for drug testing services (along with all other employment background screening services). Drug screening is then performed through any one of our nationwide network of facilities and results are seamlessly integrated and reported through the same web-based screening system.

Our process enables easy management and coordination of your employment drug screening program, resulting in better hiring decisions.

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