Employee Background Screening with Sure Screen

When your hiring process calls for employee background screening, it’s your responsibility to ensure each individual has been covered, including those being hired away from company headquarters. One missed background screening can negatively impact the safety of your workforce, the security of your customers, and the reputation of your company– just to name a few.

With Sure Screen you can rest assured that no employee goes unchecked.

Description of Service

Sure Screen offers you peace of mind and security knowing that your entire workforce has been screened according to policy. We do this by auditing your payroll record data on a pre-determined schedule and matching that data against our list of completed background checks.

Use Sure Screen as a double-check audit to ensure your hiring managers, both in the field and at headquarters, are implementing the background screening program according to company policy. For large decentralized organizations, Sure Screen is especially important in maintaining checks and balances over the screening process.

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