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Accurate, comprehensive background checks.

We offer a wide range of background screening services to help you make better hiring decisions and manage your human capital risk. All of our services are offered with a strict commitment to legal compliance, accuracy, and oversight.

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Switching providers can feel overwhelming. We make sure it isn’t. With just some basic business information, your dedicated Proforma Screening representative will take the lead and make the process quick and painless.

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Efficiently add new applicants into the pipeline, easily monitor progress, and quickly make decisions based on the resulting reports.

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Your applicants will appreciate the intuitive and secure web-based interface to self-enter their information. Applicants can also easily provide their consent using our unique signature capture technology.

Expert guidance.

Let our experts design the most effective and affordable background screening program for your organization. We know exactly how to strike the right balance between safety, compliance, and your need for information.

Compliance made easy.

Proforma manages critical compliance requirements related to applicant authorizations and data security for worry-free background screening.

“Through the history of CAPREIT's employment screening program we have contracted with several providers, all supposed industry leaders... but none measure up to the standard of care, capability, and customer service demonstrated (by) Proforma. Proforma gets it in all the ways that matter.”– Johanna Waters, CAPREIT, Inc.