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Rhode Island Says ‘Hands Off’ those Social Media Passwords

In case you haven’t heard, there’s another legislative trend sweeping the nation involving state-level legislation that aims to protect the social media passwords of employees, job applicants, and students. Since 2012, at least 28 states either have enacted or are considering laws to restrict the ability of employers or school administration to demand the passwords… Read more »

Words to the Wise about Social Media Background Checks for Employment

The treasure trove of personal information that has collected on social media is irresistible. We know that both employers and employees are scanning the publicly accessible areas of Facebook and other sources to find the unvarnished side of their potential co-workers. This information comes with a downside. Employers beware. In an earlier piece on social… Read more »

Social Media Background Checks: a Pandora’s Box

Social media succeeds because it connects people with personal information. That personal information is exactly why some employers want to delve into applicants’ and employee’s social media accounts. These informal social media background checks promise the kind of unfiltered view of a person’s character you just can’t get easily. Or, does it? The fact that… Read more »