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Colorado Bans Consumer Credit Information for Employment Decisions

Effective July 1, 2013, a recently passed Colorado law will prohibit employers from using “consumer credit information” for employment decisions in that state (with exceptions, of course). The “Employment Opportunity Act” (Colo. Rev. St 8-2-126) was signed into law April 19 th, making Colorado the 9th state to enact such a law. In light of… Read more »

In Other Non-News, 5% of Employment Credit Reports Have Errors

Employment credit reports have been in the spotlight in recent years as states battle over whether employers should evaluate workers on the basis of their creditworthiness. Employers routinely use credit reports—for financially sensitive positions and alongside other background screening measures—to assess a candidate’s financial responsibility and potential risk. One argument being played out in the… Read more »

Despite Rumors, Employment Credit Reports Still Not Prohibited by Federal Law

Earlier this week, a U.S. District Court in Ohio granted summary judgment to Kaplan Higher Learning Edu. Corp., et al, in a case that underscores the difficulty the EEOC faces in proving a case against employers for the discriminatory use of credit reports in the hiring process.  The EEOC filed suit against Kaplan alleging that… Read more »