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Hiring for the Holidays? Don’t Neglect the Background Checks

It has to be tempting for companies who hire temporary workers for the holidays to skip or cut back on the background checks. After all, these workers are part of the extended workforce whose economic value is that they have lower on-going costs to the company. By definition, there is no long-term obligation, so why… Read more »

6 Great Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

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If you’re like most employers today, you already use background checks to help make employment-related decisions. But just in case you think you’re immune to hiring bad employees, we offer some compelling reasons to set up a background screening program. And, by the way, even if you do have a program in place, these reasons… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Background Checks

Both employers and employees have questions about how background checks work, and how the law regulates them. It’s not always easy to get clear answers because there are so many agencies and stakeholders involved. A good place to start in understanding background checks is to know how the Federal Trade Commission’s and Consumer Financial Protection… Read more »

The Value of a Quality Employment Background Check

Since 9/11 the number of background checks performed on job applicants and employees has ballooned, for reasons ranging from heightened security concerns to legal mandates to conduct background checks. Coinciding with this, the amount of digital information available about individuals has increased many times over, and the Internet has given us easier access to it…. Read more »

Colorado Bans Consumer Credit Information for Employment Decisions

Effective July 1, 2013, a recently passed Colorado law will prohibit employers from using “consumer credit information” for employment decisions in that state (with exceptions, of course). The “Employment Opportunity Act” (Colo. Rev. St 8-2-126) was signed into law April 19 th, making Colorado the 9th state to enact such a law. In light of… Read more »

Setting the Record Straight

NAPBS Responds to Today Show Report on Background Screening TODAY show correspondent, Jeff Rossen, managed to sweep a gigantic paint brush over the background screening industry this morning with his latest Rossen Report.  In it he told the story of “bad background checks” causing consumers to lose jobs and background check companies relying “solely on… Read more »

NCLC Report Says Errors by Criminal Background Check Providers Harm Workers and Businesses

When things go wrong in the workplace – whether violence, theft, accidents, or worse – the conversation inevitably turns to what could have been done to prevent it and what more we should have known about the people involved. This is one reason why background checks are utilized by more than 90% of corporate America… Read more »