Hiring a College Grad? What to Look for in a Background Check

background screening college graduate

The future of many companies depends greatly on the quality of the new college grads they hire. Unfortunately, these young people often have very little relevant job experience, compounding the usual problems with verifying claims on resumes or checking references. Given the importance of these new hires to your company, it’s more important than ever to go beyond the resume and do the background checks to make the best possible selections.


Employee Drug Testing: What to Know When You Need to Know

It is well documented that drug testing can be one of the most important ways to build and maintain a safe and productive workplace. When employees suffer from drug or alcohol abuse, the consequences can be far-reaching. As an employer, how can you maintain a drug-free workplace while also respecting individual privacy and keeping costs in check?


Can a Background Check Predict the Future?

Do people with otherwise clean criminal backgrounds suddenly perform criminal acts? Should companies be able to predict this behavior and take actions to protect their customers, workforce, and public at large? Where does employer liability …