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HR Trends Series: Workplace Violence and the Increase of Active Shooters

Consider these sobering facts about workplace violence: OSHA reports there are about 2 million cases of workplace violence reported every year. Homicide is the 3rd leading cause of workplace deaths among healthcare workers and professional service providers, as reported by the National Safety Council. The most common weapon used by a workplace killer is a… Read more »

HR Trends Series: HR Takes a Seat at the Risk Table

HR at the Risk Table

Globally interconnected information networks and supply chains, pushed by rapidly evolving technology, are changing the meaning of work as well as the methods of managing it. Successfully coordinating the services and products needed for the decentralized organizations in this new work world is a demanding high wire act where the failure of making a hand-off… Read more »

9 HR Trends That Will Define Your Hiring Process [Whitepaper]

9 HR Trends 2018

The forces driving changes in Human Resources hiring and retention processes are more often mentioned than they are understood. We speak so much about “globalization” that it seems we must understand it, but in fact the impacts of internationally integrated economic systems are still rapidly evolving (and currently in a retrograde direction in some jurisdictions)…. Read more »

Mitigating the Sting of a Fake Degree

Fake Degree?

An employee or prospective employee’s education claims are something every employer would rather just trust at face value. If they say they have a degree from ABC University, why would you question it? Why would they lie? Education verification is a bedrock part of an employment background check. It is so obviously important you’d think… Read more »

How to Avoid Being Taken Down by the FCRA Class Action Litigation Wave

An employer presents its job candidate with the necessary disclosures and authorization to obtain the candidate’s permission to perform a pre-employment background check. The candidate, who was not ultimately chosen for the position, later comes back to claim that the disclosure was handed to them along with other extraneous information instead of as a standalone… Read more »

Do Background Checks Actually Stop Fraud?

do background checks actually stop fraud?

Ethical employees are an obvious key to fraud prevention within any organization. But can you ever really know your employees are ethical before you hire them? In its 2018 Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) took a closer look at the impact of background checks on occupational fraud prevention. Specifically,… Read more »

Should You Check Your Employees’ Federal Criminal Record Backgrounds?

Hiring a new employee is a complex, multifaceted undertaking. On top of identifying a qualified candidate who will be the right cultural fit, it is also your responsibility to build a safe and productive workforce. One way to improve your hiring decisions is through background checks, including criminal records searches. A typical criminal records check… Read more »

When Should Employers Use a National Criminal Database Search?

Background checks are an important part of the hiring process. However, not all background checks are created equally. While local county criminal records offer the most accurate information to employers, they come at a higher price point. A national criminal database search is comparably, more affordable, and offers a tempting shortcut to employers. However, the… Read more »