The What’s What of Criminal Records [Infographic]


Employers use criminal records checks to help assess a candidate’s background when making decisions about promotions, new hires, or contractual relationships. Looking at a person’s criminal history can help ensure the person doesn’t pose an undue risk to customers, other employees, or the public at large.

Depending on the risk associated with the position you’re seeking to fill, you may research all or only certain types of criminal records. But just what constitutes a “criminal record” and how do you know what type of records to ask for in a background check?

Our latest infographic provides a primer for understanding the criminal records landscape.  In it, we highlight:

  • The types of records available
  • The data sources for those records
  • What’s typically included in the records
  • How you can use the data to make informed hiring decisions
  • Tips to keep in mind when using each record type

Check out the full infographic here:


As you learn more about the type of information available in criminal records, remember that the best employment decisions start with a role-based risk assessment.  This will help ensure you’re hiring the right person for the right job, while minimizing risks.

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