[SlideShare] The Candidate Experience: What Helps? What Hurts?

When you’re hiring, you want to maintain as much of a competitive edge as when you’re marketing for new customers. Since your employees are your internal customers, they deserve to have a great experience working with you from the very beginning – including the application, screening, and selection process.

Today’s candidates are largely in control of the hiring process as they have many choices and high expectations. To stand out, you need to be on the right side of the line when it comes to both what works (do more of this) and what is frowned upon (avoid these pitfalls).

Candidates are looking to be sought after and deeply respected. They can quickly turn away from lengthy or complex processes, negative reputations (even from social shares), and a lack of communication or feedback. If the experience is positive, they may recommend the company to others, and may even apply to other positions if they didn’t get the position they applied for. Your candidate experience can end up translating into brand loyalty and referrals.

In our latest SlideShare we cover the details of what helps or hinders in creating a great candidate experience. Review the presentation today and see where you can hone your customer experience to improve what matters most to your candidates. Clarity. Convenience. Answers.

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