[SlideShare] 6 Tips for Screening and Hiring Drivers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. employment includes about 1.3 million bus drivers, almost 1.7 million heavy truck drivers, 826,000 delivery drivers, and about 181,000 taxi drivers or chauffeurs, plus millions more of other types of drivers. Every one of these drivers present risks to their employers.

Professional drivers pose two specific kinds of risk to employers. First, the driver’s own history and character may pose a risk of negligent hiring or retention. Second, the type of vehicle and/or cargo being driven exposes the employer to a range of monetary losses or liabilities depending the circumstances. These risks of course are closely intertwined.

Employers manage the risks due to the cargo or purpose of transport through planning, process design, maintenance, and insurance. Taxis, concrete trucks, and armored vehicles have very different risk profiles, but effective organization can mitigate the type of risks inherent in the business.

The human risk of the driver is another matter. The best way to manage this risk is through prevention: minimize driver-related losses with a hiring process that help you bring in the best hires.

Our slideshow summarizes 6 factors employers should consider in hiring a driver:

  1. Consider the role-related risks
  2. Factor in regulatory compliance
  3. Go beyond the contract—consider ALL your risks
  4. Screen independent contractors as employees
  5. Consider your brand reputation
  6. Conduct ongoing monitoring

Your driver represents your company. Everything he or she does in or around a vehicle with your name on the door reflects on you. Legally, events or actions by your employee in your vehicle can be very costly if things go wrong.

Does your hiring process address all 6 factors in hiring? It’s worth the time to review the process to make sure it does.

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