Top 10 Employment Screening Articles from 2015

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It’s always enlightening to end the calendar year with a look back at our top articles published here on the Employment Screening Blog. Here are this year’s top 10:

1. FCRA Class Action Lawsuits: Something to Watch in 2015

Employers must understand that the consumer protections in the FCRA cover “consumer reports” of all kinds: credit reports, criminal background checks, driving records, and any other background reporting that a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) might furnish. The process of notification and communication with an applicant or employee that the FCRA mandates is intended to promote a fair hiring environment, something that applicants deserve to expect and something that courts will enforce.

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2. What We Know About People Who Lie on a Resume

HR professionals know that people lie—even if it’s little white lies—on their resumes. People seeking work try hard to present themselves in the best light to prospective employers, and sometimes they might step over the line a little. In today’s economy, with all the discussion about the under-employed and long-term unemployed people with great credentials who cannot find work, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that the problem is growing more severe.

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3. How to Hire a Felon and Beat Your Competition with Human Capital

Imagine being one of the estimated 12 million Americans with a prior felony conviction. Or even one of the roughly 65 million who have an arrest or conviction record that would show up on a routine criminal background check. Now imagine trying to get a job.

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4. 4 Cs of Good Hiring

Your organization’s success hinges on its ability to hire the right people in the right roles. As you know, this is can be far easier said than done. You need a hiring process that is sound all the way through, from the initial job description to the final hire. Here, we offer 4 key success factors.

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5. Hiring the Right People [Slideshow]

Finding the right people to hire for your organization requires a hiring approach that is fair to applicants and delivers the best employees possible to the organization. At every step in the hiring process, and particularly in background screening, HR managers should address the threats of risk directly.

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6. [Infographic] Your Hiring Process: Tips to Bring the Right People On Board

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins contends, “If you have the wrong people on the bus, nothing else matters.” The message is, your organization requires good, qualified people working together to achieve its goals. So how do you bring the right people on board?

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7. NYC Extends ‘Ban the Box’ to Private Businesses

New York City has had a Ban the Box type ordinance in place for city employees since 2011, and on June 10th an overwhelming majority of the City Council passed a version of the law to cover private employers with 4 or more employees as well. With this law, NYC joins over 100 cities and 17 states that have passed similar legislation.

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8. No Harm, No Foul? Not Necessarily When it Comes to Background Screening

At first glance, the case of Spokeo, Inc. vs. Robins is a seemingly straightforward case. But it contains larger issues that might affect employers who use background screening firms, those firms themselves (rather, ourselves), and possibly employers more broadly. The fact that the case has been accepted on appeal for hearing next term by the Supreme Court confirms its importance.

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9. What Exactly Is “Ban the Box” Anyway?

With the proliferation of Ban the Box laws in states and cities across the nation, we thought it would be a good idea to try to summarize the movement. If your organization is covered by one of these laws, you need to be aware of it and how it can affect your background screening policies. If you’re not currently covered, stay tuned. These laws have been spreading very rapidly.

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10. 2 Keys to a Reliable Employee Background Check

The majority of employers today use background checks as part of the employment process. With the rise of the Internet and its search and social media assets, some employers are taking a do-it-yourself approach to the research. There are risks and rewards in this approach, but we caution that the information widely available on the Internet is often unverifiable for accuracy. Further, some of the most important information is not easily available to the general public (e.g., up to date state and local arrest and conviction records).

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We hope you enjoyed this look back at 2015. Continue to follow us in 2016 for tips and best practices to help you make better hiring decisions.



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