Top 10 Employment Screening Articles from 2014

employment-screening-best-practicesWe’re pleased to kick off the new year by sharing our most-read blog posts from the Employment Screening Blog in 2014.

1.   The Employer’s Dilemma: Job Applicants with Criminal Records [Infographic]

Our latest infographic explores the employer’s dilemma and offers advice on how you can establish background screening and hiring practices that achieve both goals. The key takeaway from this information is that your employment screening needs to be more than a routine “check the box” activity.

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2. Publix Settles in its FCRA Class Action Case

Publix joins a growing list of companies that have settled class action lawsuits that alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In this settlement, Publix admits to no violations of FCRA, but does agree to pay a total of $6.8 million.

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3. Lying on a Resume: What’s the Truth About Your Candidate?

Whether it’s the consequences of a competitive job market or some broader cultural factor, lying on a resume is highly common.

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4. Is Background Screening Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Here are two stories, one about the rock and one about the hard place, that illustrate the pitfalls of improper background screening programs.

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5. 5 Tips for Using Criminal History in the Hiring Process

Because criminal histories are a fact of life for so many Americans, it is very important for employers to use criminal background checks properly.

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6. Your Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?

Did you know that fully 1 in three Americans has a criminal background of some kind? Given that frequency, it is almost certain that an employer who conducts background checks as part of the hiring process (90% of employers do) will find applicants with criminal records.

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7. Avoiding the Perils of Social Media Employment “Checks”

There are many pitfalls for the employer who uses social media directly to vet employees. Here are some things to keep in mind.

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8. Liar, Liar…Why People Lie on Resumes

Like other kinds of fraud, resume fraud is a hidden threat, intentionally veiled by applicants to increase their chances of being hired.

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9. 6 Great Reasons to Background Check Your Employees

Just in case you think you’re immune to hiring bad employees, we offer some compelling reasons to set up a background screening program.

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10. If They Don’t Belong Behind the Wheel, Do They Belong in Your Workforce?

When a person climbs behind the wheel, he takes his personal traits and characteristics with him: his driving is a reflection of who he is, and the record of it is an important part of his personal background.

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We hope you enjoyed this look back at 2014. Continue to follow us in 2015 for tips and best practices to help you make better hiring decisions.

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