Naughty or Nice? NAPBS Advises Background Screening for Holiday Hires

holiday background screeningPlanning to skip the background screening on those temporary holiday hires? That could be a big mistake.

The holiday season is the crescendo of the retail calendar every year. To manage the big surge in business, many retailers hire seasonal employees for routine jobs.  The short duration, and usually entry-level status of these jobs, may make it seem like a good place to cut hiring expenses, such as background screening.

In a recent press release, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) points out some compelling reasons why temporary seasonal workers should be screened just as closely as regular workers:

Temporary workers are often in direct contact with your customers. They gain access to all the private and personal information people give you in the process of a transaction. For the security of your customers, as well as your business, you cannot afford to have risky employees at that point.

Every worker contributes to the morale and safety of your working environment. Your employees need to be able to trust each other.

One out of every 40 retail store employees stole from their employer in 2012, according to a Jack L. Haynes International report. These employees took an estimated 5 ½ times the retail goods than ordinary shoplifters. You do not want to hire a thief.

Background screening is an effective way to reduce the number of risky hires you make.

In addition to protecting against internal theft, a professional screening process can help reduce the other risks of human capital, such as workplace violence.

NAPBS offers some tips on background screening that make sense for the holiday rush, and for every other day of the year as well:

  • Use a professional screening firm – the legal requirements and need for reliable information make doing it yourself problematic. And you don’t have time to do it right during this season anyway.
  • Do a background check on all your employees – treat them all the same.
  • Inform your job applicants prior to conducting a background screening, and give them time to resolve disputes over the results.

Professional background screening can help to make your holiday season more profitable and more enjoyable.  Ask us about a holiday hiring background screening package for your temporary workforce today.


Employment Screening Process Infographic

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