Managing the Risks of an Extended Workforce [Infographic]

extended-worforce-fb-imageThe new norm in staffing is officially here. It’s the extended workforce and it makes up more than one-quarter of the total workforce population in today’s organizations—more than twice the percentage from 2005.

The faces of the extended workforce, which include temporary workers, contractors, and contingent workers, are also expanding. Positions across the spectrum of the organization are being filled by extended workers–from CEOs to healthcare workers, to IT professionals and other managers.

As stated in a recent workforce trends report by the consulting firm Deloitte, “Given the talent, cost, and risk considerations that today’s corporations face, the use of contingent workers is becoming a business imperative for many organizations — not just a nice-to-have.” Properly managed, it is noted that extended workers can provide a significant competitive advantage by reducing labor costs, allowing companies to be more responsive to dynamic market conditions, and filling critical workforce gaps.

Unfortunately, despite the rewards offered by this dynamic worker population, studies show that most organizations fail to adequately manage the accompanying risks.  Consider that these workers typically have access to the same company assets as their equivalent full-time employee counterparts, yet only 35% of companies require background checks of contingent workers.  On the other hand, 90% of U.S. corporations screen their standard employees.

Our latest infographic summarizes an employer’s guide to managing the risks and reaping the rewards of a contingent workforce.  For more detailed information, download our latest complimentary guide on the topic.  Click here to get your copy.


Proforma Extended Workforce infographic


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