The Light Shines Brightly on Employers’ Hiring Mistakes

The Light Shone Brightly on Employers' Hiring MistakesIn today’s social media world, seemingly nothing is sacred. Spend a few minutes on Facebook and you’ll see what we mean. People say and share the most remarkable things! For companies operating in this transparent world, brand and reputation damage sit high on the list of top risks. And the risks are more difficult than ever to manage.

To illustrate this point, an acquaintance sent over an interesting screenshot of a recent Facebook conversation that showed up in her timeline the other day. Here’s how it goes:

employers' hiring mistakes


Questionable Hiring Practices Won’t Slip Under the Radar Like They Used To

The company in question seems to have gotten lucky on this one. They remained unnamed throughout the conversation and in the end, the individual with the ethical dilemma did the right thing by contacting the company and returning the wrongly-sent file. Still, just look how quick people are to tell the world about their experiences with companies and brands. And in this case, look at the insinuation being made here about the employer’s practices. Age discrimination? Lack of privacy protection? Data security?

The question quickly becomes one of who’s screening the screeners? If this is how a recruiting firm is going about weeding through candidates, and as a result, putting the employer in danger of brand, reputation, and legal damage, we’ve got to really start wondering if there are other dubious practices.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Employers NEED to take a closer look at the people and processes they have in place to manage hiring programs. Excuses and explanations come too late when accusations travel as fast as they do. Warning shots are being fired by the EEOC, the FTC, the CFSB, lawmakers, and private litigators—not to mention by candidates and employees on Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, employers have a duty and right to carefully screen their prospective employees. The question is; can your practices stand up to the high level of scrutiny and transparency present in today’s society?

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