Onboard Like a Rock Star with Integrated Talent Acquisition Management

Building an effective workforce is key to competing in today’s talent-driven economy. As a background screening firm we talk a lot about screening candidates and selecting the right employees, but there are obviously many other important parts of the hiring process that impact your ability to build and maintain an effective workforce.

With the high cost of turnover and the pressing need for new employees to quickly add value to the organization, onboarding has taken on a new focus for many companies.

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) recently released a guide to the best practices of onboarding. In it, Peyton Daniel, Senior Managing Director of Talent Development and Coaching Practice Leader at DBM, described the goal of onboarding to ensure successful assimilation into the organization’s culture, shorten the time to productivity, minimize turnover, and maximize impact. Long term success is the overriding goal.

Onboarding can also be said to encompass the transactional (orientation) side of bringing on new employees. We’re focusing here on the transactions that take place from the time a job is posted until the time that individual begins actively participating in their assigned role.  In these transactions companies have an opportunity to eliminate mundane manual tasks, reduce paperwork, minimize errors, and get people smoothly through the process from application to screening to completed employee documentation.

What Onboarding Should Look Like:

An effective onboarding strategy offers numerous benefits including faster time to hire, better hiring decisions, lower turnover, and less cost. Importantly, your onboarding process sends a clear message to your applicants, candidates, and new employees that will set the stage for their long term future with your organization. It’s valuable to consider the difference between a well-run onboarding process and one that could use improvement.  How does yours measure up?

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From Job Posting to Onboarding

Talent acquisition management systems allow you to manage the entire talent management process – from job requisition and candidate management to screening and onboarding – from a single interface. Consider a system that lets you integrate:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Career Sites & Job Boards
  • Pre-Hire Tax Credit Screening
  • Background Screening with Electronic Signature Consents
  • Forms Management, including I-9 and E-Verify, Federal and State Tax Forms
  • Assessments
  • Employee Surveys
  • Onboarding Paperwork Distribution
  • Ongoing Screening

Your investment in a smooth onboarding process will pay dividends for the long run.

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