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You Need Stronger Background Checks for Your IT Staff.

background checks for IT departmentIn many organizations the IT department is a sort of a locked door world where a few computer “geeks” hold the keys and the rest of us can only hope they’ll be here soon to fix our problems. In what often seems like magic, IT can rid a computer of viruses, troubleshoot email issues, provide access to systems and data, and control a potentially long trail of valuable and sensitive information.

At the same time, left unchecked, IT-related staff can present a significant risk to a company’s security since many are able to pull almost anything from a network, often with little or no oversight.

A recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Enemy Within,” showcased a heightened awareness among organizations of the risks surrounding the activity of their IT staff. The article points out that more companies are performing more intense screening and monitoring of certain IT professionals, due to the inherently sensitive nature of the job and the sheer amount of information that IT staff can access.

Address the role-related risks.

Think about the IT staff in your organization. Do you really know what they’re up to? Are you really aware of the information they have access to?

Do you have checks and balances in place to:

1. Hire the right people, with a proven track record of integrity?
2. Monitor those people on the job to be sure their actions remain above board?

You may not think your company has the wherewithal (i.e. budget, time, energy, expertise) to address IT personnel risks, but considering the alternative… can you really afford not to? Sensitive employee file information saved on the server, company email, client information and personally identifiable information (PII) are all examples of the types of data typically flowing across a company’s network throughout the day.

At a minimum, companies should take proactive measures to look at the past employment history, conduct thorough reference checks, and finally, perform comprehensive criminal record research for IT staff.

When it comes to your company’s security, as well as the privacy of your employees, customers, and stakeholders, you simply can’t afford to bring on an IT employee whom you haven’t carefully screened.

It all starts with risk assessment.

An employment screening risk assessment will help you identify the risks that will require mitigation through background screening and monitoring. Your background screening provider should offer expertise, and a consultative approach to bring these risks to light and help you develop a plan to address them.

At Proforma Screening we’re offering a free risk assessment to help.

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