Can Your Employment Screening Program Survive a Hiring Frenzy?

employment screening programIf recent weeks around the Proforma Screening Solutions office are any indication, you could be facing an upswing in hiring demand this year. We’ve been seeing an unusually high volume of requests for employment background checks from our current customers. Our suppliers have reported similar trends.

In our experience, hiring upticks don’t usually arrive in Q1, but this year feels a bit different and we’re starting to think this could be a bigger and longer-lasting upswing. And so you don’t think we’re just overly optimistic, crazy or opportunistically looking for a new blog post , a recent ADP report corroborates our sense, noting a sharp rise in private-sector employment (with several caveats), and the unemployment rate hit a 3-year low in December 2011 according to the DOL.

With all the hoopla and high hopes for economic recovery, we couldn’t help but use this opportunity to suggest that HR and hiring managers make certain their employment screening programs are prepared to handle the demand they could face if this economy goes gangbusters.

3 Steps to Employment Screening Program Survival

How can you be sure your employment screening program will survive even a small uptick in hiring demand?

Automate Like Crazy

In the competition for the most talented, he who hires fastest, often wins the best candidates. If your employment screening process still involves piles of paper, dual entries, and snail mail, it’s time to automate. Your background screening provider should be able to equip you with a secure web-based solution that will integrate with your existing HR software or stand alone and enable you to submit orders, review and store reports, and obtain applicant “wet signatures” using the latest technology. All of this will reduce your time to hire and allow you to get more (and better!) hiring done.

Check Your Compliance

The EEOC has been hot on the tail of employers who rely on outdated or unfair hiring practices. Beyond that, there are many state, local, and federal laws that have changed recently and may impact the way your employment screening process runs. Even without these changes, it’s a good idea to review your program to ensure its ongoing compliance. The more people you hire with the wrong processes in place, the greater your risk of getting involved in a legal quagmire.

Leave it to the Experts

The easiest and safest way to scale your employment screening program is to turn it over to capable experts. A professional background screening company will be on top of changing trends and regulations, and can keep your program on track to ensure you get the full benefits of a well-run background screening program.

Let the experts here at Proforma Screening design and implement a program to help you make better hiring decisions in any economic climate.

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