Hire the Right People and You Win

hire the right peopleJack Welch once famously said “nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field.” As an employment screening company, it is this notion that guides our efforts to help companies bring the right people on board. In line with this idea, we were pleased to come across an awesome post on the Call of the Wild management blog. The article is centered on the idea that recruitment is the most essential skill of management because the other management skills will only work if the right people have been recruited.

The people at Call of the Wild suggest (and we agree) that if you recruit the right people, everything else falls nicely into place. On the other hand, hiring the wrong people can damage a large company and destroy a smaller one. A manager’s job, therefore, is to practice “tough love” when it comes to recruitment. Rather than trusting someone at face value or accepting low standards “for fear of upsetting someone” managers need to be ruthless in their selection of the right people.

Jack Welch pointed to three things every new hire must have: Integrity, intelligence, and maturity. These are the very qualities we strive to help clients predict through background screening. By assessing an individual’s past behaviors, credentials, and character hiring managers can make well-informed hiring decisions to drive their organizations to succeed.

Read the Call of the Wild article here.

Listen to Proforma’s president David Lowers speak about the role of risk management in background screening:

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