When It Comes to Employment Screening, Don’t Neglect the Federal Records

employment screening federal criminal recordsYour applicant could have a serious criminal record that might not be uncovered in a common national, state, or local criminal records search. And this could be trouble.

Just last week we ran a background check on a gentleman who was applying for a job as a pharmaceutical courier. Without a federal criminal record check our client (the courier company) would not have discovered that this individual had just been released from prison on federal drug trafficking charges. That’s because federal crimes will not appear on a standard national, state, or local criminal records search. If you’re the employer – the courier company hired to safely make these deliveries – this is something you absolutely would want to know!

Similarly, if your organization is hiring for a position that carries significant trust, including federal government contracts, financial services, executive management, church leaders, and other similar positions — a federal criminal background check is essential.

What’s the Difference Between Federal Criminal Records and Other Criminal Records?

National, State, Local Criminal Records Federal Criminal Records Search
Used to uncover:
• Felony convictions
• Misdemeanors
• Bench warrants
• Other local-level court actions
Used to uncover federal crimes, such as:
• Kidnapping
• Financial fraud
• Immigration violations
• Terrorism
• Drug trafficking

Here are our recommendations when it comes to federal criminal records:

  • Require a federal records search for managerial, executive, and financial positions – and other positions of significant trust.
  • Use caution when connecting your applicant’s name to a federal record since these records contain limited identifying information to ensure an accurate match.
  • As with all criminal records, be sure to comply with rules and regulations related to the appropriate collection, dissemination, and use of such information in the selection process.

Proforma’s federal criminal background check offers reported information from each of the applicable 93 districts that handle federal criminal cases.

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