You Might Want to Fire Your Background Screening Company

background screening companyYou trust your background screening company to provide fast, accurate, and affordable employment background checks for your organization. Considering the risks involved in handling sensitive personal information and your responsibility to ensure the information you act upon is accurate and permissible, you might find it surprising to learn that some background screening companies are taking unnecessary chances on your behalf.

In their quest to offer speed and affordability, quality and accuracy can be left behind – and that can leave you open to all sorts of negative consequences.

Before you order another service from your background screening company…

Ask your provider these two critical questions:

1. Do you outsource sensitive personal information to overseas providers?

If the answer is “yes” you better run for the hills.

In an effort to save costs and lower prices, some background screening companies choose to outsource some or all of their employment screening duties to lower-cost overseas suppliers. When this happens it is very likely that personally identifiable information may be transmitted away from the protection of U.S. borders.

You know what’s really scary? Your screening provider is not required to disclose their off-shoring practices to you, so there’s a good chance you could be putting your company and your applicant’s information at risk without even knowing it.

Addressing this issue now can save you big time down the road. That’s because while certain countries, such as European Union members, enforce data and privacy protection laws, other countries without such protections leave U.S. citizens with little or no way to enforce their privacy rights.

If your background screening company off-shores personally identifiable information, it’s time to move on. Find a self-certified Concerned CRA.

2. Do you follow up national criminal database searches with a local records check?

Be prepared to give your best impression of Donald Trump and say, “You’re fired!” if your screening provider doesn’t answer with a resounding “yes!”

Many employers are led to believe that a reliable comprehensive criminal records database actually exists from which accurate criminal records can be accessed. In fact, such a database does NOT exist and if you were to make adverse decisions based upon this information you could set your company up to face serious legal action.

Instead, the appropriate use of criminal records databases compiled by non-government entities is as a useful indicator of possible records – not as the authoritative source. As such, before reporting potential criminal record information from a database, your provider should verify the information directly with the reporting jurisdiction – the authoritative source. This added step ensures that you will make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

The bottom line is anyone who chooses to sell you a nationwide criminal database search without a local-level follow up should be fired because they obviously don’t care about you. Find a provider who will take care of you at

Proforma Screening Solutions is a self-certified Concerned CRA. Look for us at

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