Introducing Our New Fleet Management System: Fleet Alert®

Fleet Alert® is an affordable automated solution to easily monitor driver records and backgrounds for improved safety and fleet management.

Today we announced the release of our latest background screening solution for the transportation industry. Fleet Alert® acts as a fleet risk management system; however, unlike a typical fleet management system that is focused on maintaining vehicles, routes, and schedules, Fleet Alert® is centered on maintaining the safety and compliance of your drivers.

Fleet Alert® regularly monitors driver records and backgrounds to uncover sources of risks, including license renewal dates, expirations, suspensions, convictions, violations, revocations, and arrests.

For less than $10 per driver per month, fleet managers are provided with regularly-scheduled background screening and monitoring of their criminal and MVR records. Easy to use and requiring only a simple one-time registration of each driver, Fleet Alert® enables companies to monitor the inevitable changes that occur in the backgrounds of their drivers.

Drivers in any fleet represent the greatest source of competitive advantage for the companies they represent. But we also know they are also the greatest source of risk. We introduced Fleet Alert® to act as a type of safety and compliance maintenance program for drivers. Similar to a vehicle maintenance program, we offer regular monitoring of key factors that affect ongoing safety and compliance.

This simple, automated system can limit the risk of negligent claims in the event of a driver-related accident, reduce the administrative costs and burden of manual risk monitoring, and it can fulfill contractual obligations related to background screening. For many companies, Fleet Alert® ensures compliance through regularly-scheduled background screening.

Learn more about Fleet Alert® and request a price quote.

Read our recent Fleet Alert® press release.

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