How to Evaluate Emerging Offerings in Reference Checking

A recent two-part article written by well-known HR thought leader, Dr. John Sullivan, and published on explored the question, “What’s Wrong with Reference Checking?” Pretty much everything, was the overarching opinion.

In part one, Dr. Sullivan included a long list of factors that routinely plague the reference check process and suggested that the only way to boost the effectiveness of such checks as a hiring tool is to find the weaknesses in the current approach and address them.

In part two, the author examined five questions related to the role and value of reference checking. In this blog post we want to highlight the following question: “Are the current vendor offerings in the areas of reference and background checking worth examining?”

Explore new Reference Checking Offerings

Dr. Sullivan pointed out the benefit that many emerging offerings in the areas of reference and background screening are not bound by the traditions and practices that are ingrained in our current companies. He says that the “hottest tools” today focus on providing a more comprehensive look into a candidate’s professional network. He specifically points to tools that leverage a 360-type approach for the ability to increase the size of the assessor pool, the degree of structure, and the probability that more qualitative data will surface.

In evaluating emerging offerings for your organization, Dr. Sullivan suggested using the following criteria:

Proof of Performance

Is the supplier able to offer proof demonstrating the correlation between the reference checking outcome and on-the-job performance in real client organizations that can be referenced themselves?

Integration of Offerings

Does the supplier integrate the many different employment screening services (criminal records, credit checks, work history, personal references, educational, license, driving, media, etc.) into a single system?


Does the supplier have professional intelligence about the validity of component processes so that you can optimize your candidate assessment process?

Global Solution

Does the supplier present a solution that can be adopted and utilized around the globe regardless of variances in culture or language?

Explore a Better Approach to Reference Checking

Traditional employment verification and reference checking processes certainly leave much to be desired. At Proforma, we have addressed this challenge by introducing Tru-View, a reference checking and employment verification solution that offers a 360-type approach to collecting and reporting truly insightful and predictive information to help hiring managers bring the right people into the organization. Tru-View is part of a completely integrated and comprehensive employment screening solution offered by Proforma Screening.

Learn more about Tru-View for employment reference checks or contact us to discuss your needs.

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