Employee Background Checks for Small Business

If you have visited our website lately you may have noticed the promotion of our small business employee background check system, EZ-Authorize.

EZ-Authorize is designed to make background checks simple and effective for small business operators.  It requires just 3 simple steps to get started.

  • First, establish an account by providing your company information (this service is for actual employers only).
  • Next, we’ll send you a secure login to access your account at EZ-Authorize where you can immediately order your first background check.  Our background check packages start at just $29 each.
  • Upon completion of the background check you’re ready to log into your account at EZ-Authorize and view your results.

To order a background check, simply enter basic data about the employee or candidate you want to check then choose from three available background check packages and optional add-ons.  Be sure to obtain consent from the individual you are screening (consent forms are found inside EZ-Authorize).  Once we receive your order we’ll get right to work on the background check. When complete, we’ll notify you by email and you can log into EZ-Authorize and view the report.  Here’s a sample background check report.

If a background check turns up information that might cause you to think twice about hiring or promoting the individual, you’ll need to follow certain FCRA guidelines for adverse action. But don’t worry, all of the paperwork will be provided to you right within your EZ Authorize account. We’ve also included a handy guide to help you keep track of all the details.

Each time you hire a new employee or consider a current employee for a promotion or change of position that requires a higher level of screening, simply log into EZ-Authorize and get the job done quickly and affordably.  Our services are offered under strict regulations and our data is guaranteed to be the most accurate and up to date available.

When you work with Proforma you can rest assured our staff is here to answer your questions and help you along the way.  Making quick, yet well-informed employment decisions is something any small business owner can value.  Giving you the information you need to make wise decisions is something we do every day.

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