What Has Become of Employment Reference Checks?

When you think about the purpose of an employment reference check you would hope to achieve it by gaining feedback from people who know your potential employee best. The people who have witnessed the work ethic, skills and productivity of the person who may soon join your workforce are the very people you’d like to talk to, right? And you would hope they could talk candidly about and provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate so that you can take into account what you learn to make an informed decision.

Perhaps once upon a time this is was what you actually got from a reference check, but not today.

Unfortunately, the increase in litigation related to the potential for defamation and how much information an employer should divulge has left employers with little more than the practical ability to verify previous positions and dates of employment. And while yes, verifying positions and dates is important and necessary in many cases, what we’re really trying to do is hire the best person we can.

Our fundamental goal is to hire the best possible person for the position from the multitude of candidates .

So the question is how do we use our resources more efficiently to get more out of the reference check process and make better hiring decisions with better information?

Tru-View puts value back into the reference check process.

Online Employee Reference ChecksAt Proforma Screening, we’ve devised a superior process to the traditional employment reference check problem. It’s called Tru-View and it’s a secure and powerful online applicant-driven reference check system that delivers insightful feedback about your prospective employees from the people who have supervised and worked with them. Tru-View uniquely enables comparison of self-assessment data to that of the applicant’s chosen reference group.

With Tru-View, you can collect and analyze feedback on how well your applicant views their own performance and how others view the individual’s performance on the critical elements of success – not just “positions and dates.”

Tru-View’s self-serve access enables you to quickly and easily add your applicants to the assessment system, invite those applicants to enter their own employment references, and automatically invite references to complete an anonymously-compiled assessment of key traits that will affect the individual’s performance in your workplace. We collect and analyze the feedback, then present it in a report that instantly conveys a unique perspective on the candidate such that your decision makers can make well-informed hiring choices.

Tru-View offers higher quality information in a scalable and efficient environment at a price that is comparable to what you currently spend on reference checks.

Check out Tru-View and experience the difference a REAL reference check can make.

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