Here’s a Handy List of Pre Employment Screening Services

When you’ve been in the employment screening business as long as we have, it’s easy to forget that the services we offer might be a little confusing to some. “Why do I need a national criminal records search when I’m already ordering a local search?” “Should I check the driver’s record of my job candidate?”  To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some common employment screening services, along with definitions and common uses.

Certainly, there are many other types of screening services. A professional background screening company (like us) can help you select the right mix to ensure you obtain useful information about the people you hire – before you hire them.

Common Pre Employment Background Checks:

Social Security Number (SSN) Locator

What is it? A SSN Locator is a search of commercial social security based data that report the names and addresses associated with a particular SSN. The search also validates that the number is in a validly issued range and searches the death index to ensure the SSN does not belong to a deceased individual.
How is it used? The SSN Locator is the first necessary step in a background check since it serves to validate the identity of the individual and sets the stage for the names and jurisdictions that will be used for further searches. Neglecting this step can waste time and money on searches conducted using the wrong identity.

National Database Criminal Records Searches

What is it? A database search of criminal records covering most, but not all, states and jurisdictions in the U.S. Includes multi-state sex and violent offender’s data and U.S. government watch list data.
How is it used? A national criminal records search is extremely useful as a pointer to guide deeper searches at the state and local level. However, since there does not exist a national database search to cover all U.S. jurisdictions, national records searches should never be the end-all-be-all source of a criminal background search.

Local Criminal Records Searches

What is it? A criminal records search conducted in jurisdictions where an applicant has lived, worked, currently resides, or in places where potential criminal activity has been found — typically discovered through the national criminal records database search.
How is it used? The local criminal records search is by far the most useful criminal search for local-level crimes, assuming the data is gathered directly from the authoritative source. Note: these searches do not contain federal criminal information which must be searched separately.

Sex Offender Registry Search

What is it? A search of each state’s mandatory sex offender registry.
How is it used? Sex offender registry data is useful, if not essential, when hiring for sensitive positions, such as those involving access to children, healthcare patients, or private residences.

Employment Drug Screening

What is it? Testing for common illegal or illicit drugs using any number of testing methods.
How is it used? Substance abuse causes numerous undesirable effects in the workplace. A drug testing policy is proven to identify potential substance users and deter individuals with substance abuse issues from approaching the organization to begin with.

Applicant Education Verifications

What is it? Verification of an applicant’s stated educational background, including degrees earned, certifications, and dates attended.
How is it used? One of the most commonly falsified areas of a job application or resume, education verifications are essential for any position where educational achievement is vital.

Employment Verification

What is it? Basic employment history verification provides confirmation from the applicant’s employer of start date, end date, title, salary and eligibility for rehire.
How is it used? This baseline step in the background screening process provides confirmation of the information an applicant has provided and can serve as an authoritative measure of the applicant’s employment history.

DMV/MVR Records Searches

What is it? A search of an applicant’s driver’s record using Department of Motor Vehicle information.
How is it used? Checking an individual’s driving record is essential for positions that involve vehicle use, but driving records can also provide clues about an individual’s degree of self control, ability to learn from mistakes, potential drug or alcohol issues, and much more. Thus, DMV records searches can be useful for a variety of jobs.

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