5 Essentials of Pre Employment Background Screening

An effective pre employment background screening program can lend numerous benefits to any organization in which people play a vital role. Background screening helps companies hire the right people, the first time, and avoid the potentially disastrous effects of a bad hire.

Employment Background Screening ProgramSo what are the components of an effective pre employment background screening program?

1. Policy: The foundation of your background screening program, your policy should clearly state the purpose of the program, types of checks to be conducted at various levels of the organization, the methodology, and standards for how the company will handle the resulting reports.

2. Process: Closely tied to policy, the process states how the background screening program will be implemented.

3. Documents: Documentation is central to the screening process since “nothing happens if it isn’t in writing.” The job application, the applicant’s authorization and release to conduct the background check, and adverse action notices are all critical pieces of documentation that must be accounted for.

4. Methodology: How will you meet the “duty of care” test when it comes to hiring employees for various positions? Your methodology will describe how you’ll verify the identity of your applicant, the scope of the search based on the risk associated with the job, and how the search will be fulfilled.

5. Evaluation: The evaluation of the resulting background information represents the end game in background screening. Your program should define how decisions will be made based on background screening results. The key is to balance the need to treat all applicants in a nondiscriminatory manner with the need to protect the workplace.

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