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Our management team offers experience in the security, background screening, risk management, and investigative fields. But you won’t find our managers tucked away in a corner office somewhere. Instead, you will directly benefit from the experience and wisdom of our leaders as they remain actively involved and available in the day to day operations and service of your account.

“...Your company has lived up to all of our expectations and delivered what you promised...We run a lot of backgrounds and it is so nice to get the email updates when they are completed and especially having them flagged if there are issues we need to review further. The customer service with your company is top notch and you and your team have been very responsive to any concerns we may have... Our experience with you and your company has been such a pleasure and I look forward to a long and profitable relationship. I would recommend your company to any marketing organizations that need to manage various levels of staff and contracted individuals. Your system for background and exclusion checks has saved us a lot of time and frustration. Thank you for all that you do for our company.” Rob Casey The Assurance Group, Inc.

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