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Employers have an obligation to check the backgrounds and verify the credentials of likely candidates through employment screening. At the same time, when you’ve got a candidate ready to hire, the last thing you want to do is have the progression halted by the screening process. With Proforma, background checks are easily accomplished, quickly and smoothly, right from your applicant tracking system.

  • Simply select the applicant you want to screen, choose the type of checks you need to perform, and your order will be automatically sent to our experts.
  • Your applicant will quickly and easily provide their consent using mouse-enabled signature capture technology.
  • When the report is ready, you can instantly access it right from your management dashboard and quickly make an informed hiring decision.

With pre-integrated background screening from Proforma Screening Solutions, you will have access to a 50-state compliant screening system, employment screening expertise, comprehensive services, competitive rates, and fast turnaround. The information we provide is collected using safe data practices and gathered only from the most trusted, authoritative sources so you can be confident that the report we deliver can be relied upon.

Our screening services include:

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Reference Checks >
Verifications >
Personal Searches >
Ongoing Monitoring >
Drug Screening >

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