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Employee engagement is one of those buzz words that can have a true impact on your success.  In fact, BusinessWeek recently reported the following enlightening statistics:

  • Companies with engaged employees boosted operating income by 19% compared with companies with the lowest percentage of engaged employees, which saw operating income fall 33%.
  • Companies with highly engaged employees experienced 26% higher employee productivity, lower turnover risk, and greater ability to attract top talent.
  • Highly engaged employees are twice as likely to be top performers—and miss 20% fewer days of work.

With statistics like these, it pays to invest in employee engagement. The question is, how do you build employee engagement in an economic environment that requires us all to do more with fewer resources?

At Proforma Screening Solutions, we deliver a single-source integrated platform for talent management with pre-integrated tools to  help you build and maintain a safe, qualified, and productive workforce.  Our employee engagement tools include the following:


These tools bring much-needed automation and communication features to enhance productivity, reduce paperwork, and importantly – impress and satisfy new employees.  Learn More

Employee Surveys

Our pre-integrated survey module makes survey design, deployment, and tracking easy for all. And it delivers reports that contain actionable information on which you can make better business decisions. Learn More

Ongoing Screening

Maintain the safety and qualifications of your workforce with ongoing screening. Simply enroll your workforce into one of our ongoing screening programs for criminal records and/or DMV records and we’ll do the rest – notifying you of any problematic results along the way.  Learn More

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