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Why is an education background check necessary?  Consider the recent story of a consumer advocacy group that purchased a master’s degree for its mascot dog is an extreme example that underscores the importance of education verification. In today’s world, it is far too easy to gain fake credentials for everything from high school diploma to a law degree. And while degree mills are certainly not the norm, it pays to verify the accuracy and validity of your applicant’s educational claims.

Description of Service:

Proforma offers pre employment education background check to verify your applicants’ post-high school educational degrees. We typically verify the highest level attained but the verification can be expanded further. We match our methodology to the individual institution, following the protocols necessary to achieve a successful verification. Sometimes this means we interact directly with the college or university and other times we’re dealing with an outside authority.

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Proforma’s Unique Signature Capture Technology:

Due to increasing fear of litigation and privacy concerns, many institutions require a signed release from the applicant before they will provide any or certain types of education verification. At Proforma, we offer a unique signature capture technology that captures your applicant’s signature via a web-based mouse-enabled consent form. The applicant actually signs the consent form using a computer mouse and the system captures the written signature. In contrast to a standard check-box electronic signature, the signature we capture can then be used to satisfy the “wet” signature requirements of such institutions.

Best Practices of Pre Employment Education Background Checks

Do not allow your applicant data to be sent offshore.

One of your responsibilities as an employer is to protect the sensitive personal information of your applicants. Some verifications firms send sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers and financial account information, off-shore to be processed. Sending such information off-shore places both applicants and employers at risk and should be avoided whenever possible. As a Consumer Reporting Agency, we share your responsibility and join other Concerned CRAs in a promise to handle sensitive data inside U.S. borders.

Be sure your applicant data is being handled securely in the U.S.

While sending data offshore is clearly dangerous, another negligent practice is performed by those screening companies who hire home based remote workers within the U.S. to verify credentials via an internet connection. Data security cannot be assured when the people handling your applicant data are on a non-secure connection. Proforma conducts all verifications through a central location with tightly controlled security to ensure your applicant data remains safe.

Education verifications should be conducted by employment screening specialists.

Verifications should be performed by an organization that specializes in verification of credentials, specifically for employment screening purposes. There are nuances that apply to the use of this data for employment purposes that require understanding and consideration of the employment environment. Proforma focuses exclusively on background screening and verifications for employment-related purposes.

Turnaround Time:

Orders are typically completed within 24-72 hours.

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All employment checks are conducted under the strict guidelines of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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