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We are pleased to offer a selection of employment background screening resources.  Please check back often as we continue to add useful material.

New Infographic: Elements of a Comprehensive Background Check

Our latest infographic offers brief descriptions of various background checks, ranging from basic employment and education verification to more technical public records searches. These multi-layered, multi-year data sources can be extremely valuable for employers who know how to make use of them.

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Infographic: The Employment Screening Process

The Employment Screening ProcessThis infographic helps to pull the pieces of a model background screening process together in one place. This model can be adapted to your HR hiring practices and will help your organization comply with the essential requirements contained in the EEOC’s guidance.

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New Guide: Managing the Risks of Your Extended Workforce

Managing the Risks of Your Extended Workforce guide thumbnailWhile an extended workforce can offer many benefits, it also brings clear risks that many organizations unfortunately fail to properly manage. In fact, while temporary, contract, and contingent workers often have the same access to company assets as traditional employees, 65% of companies fail to uphold the same screening requirements of their extended staff.

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Employment Screening Survival Kit

Employment Screening Survival KitAs you put practices in place to hire the right people, your employment practices will be put to the tests of many stakeholders. This Employment Screening Surivival Kit is loaded with vital information to help you build a winning program.

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Employment Background Screening BlogEmployment Background Screening Blog

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9 Tips for Selecting a Background Screening Company

Selecting a background screening company typically involves a process of asking for referrals or conducting an online search, reviewing the websites of several companies, narrowing down the selections to a few that appear well-suited, then requesting quotes from those top choices. Regardless your needs, there are several important factors to consider in the process of choosing a background screening provider. Download our whitepaper to discover 9 tips for selecting your provider.


Latest Webinar: Background Screening "Triple Threat" Part 2

HR Webinar Background Screening

Our June 19,2012 webinar was part 2 in our two-part series on the triple threat of EEOC and FTC regulation, state and federal legislation, and private party litigation in the context of corporate employment background screening programs.





Webinar Replay: "Triple Threat" to Your Employment Background Screening Program Part 1

hrci webinar background screeningIn case you missed our webinar on June 12, 2012, watch the instant video replay here.  This webinar is part 1 a series that discusses the triple threat of EEOC and FTC regulation, state and federal legislation, and private party litigation in the context of corporate employment background screening programs.





Employment Background Screening: Commodity or Service?

View more presentations from Proforma Screening Solutions.

Using Consumer Reports: What Every Business Needs to Know

This FTC Facts for Business publication explains your mandatory obligations as an employer when it comes to the use of consumer reports (background checks) for employment purposes.  It is strongly advised that all employers understand and follow these guidelines.  If you have questions about how these rules apply to your business, ask us.  Download the FTC Publication >


Pre Employment Background Screening GuideFree Guide: Pre-Employment Background Screening at a Glance

Download this free guide presents to receive a useful overview of pre employment background screening, including the reasons to screen, the background screening process, types of background checks, legal considerations and much more. Download guide >



Employment Background Screening GuideFree Guide: How to Build a Better Workforce with Pre Employment Background Screening

Download this in-depth guide to learn why 80% of corporate America relies on employment background screening, how to build a background screening program, compliance issues, and much more. Download guide >



Background Screening ROIWhitepaper: The ROI of Employment Background Screening

What is the dollar value of your employment background screening program?  How can ROI of screening be measured? In this white paper we've detailed a common sense approach to measuring the ROI of your screening efforts.  Download white paper >



Human Capital Risk Management White PaperWhite Paper: Human Capital Risk Management

Download this white paper to read an in-depth analysis of human capital risk management and the role of employment screening in reducing human capital risk. Download white paper >

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