Employee Background Checks: Balancing Fairness and Fitness

When employers use background checks to evaluate candidates for a job, the obvious goal is to find the best, most qualified person for the job. “Fitness” for the role is a key concern. If not careful, employment decisions can unfairly cause some candidates to be discarded or overlooked as employers bring their own biases or assumptions to the decision-making process. Background screening can help bring an objective, unbiased perspective to the hiring process. When done right, a background screening program puts processes in place to help employers balance fairness and fitness.

Our latest SlideShare presentation walks you through a summary of how to evaluate the results of a background check. You’ll learn what to check for and why; how to recognize the risk factors of the position you’re seeking to fill; what to do when you encounter a “negative” background check; and how to incorporate individualized assessments.

Flip through the presentation here:

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