Why a Candidate’s Experience Matters [SlideShare]

Hiring good talent has taken on an entirely new dimension with the advent of social media and peer review websites. These sites represent known go-tos for prospective employees to get a pulse on what your company is like before they consider joining your team. The experience your applicants, candidates, and employees have will end up on these pages as they share their feelings about how an employer treated them throughout the hiring process and on the job.

When a prospective hire is in the application process, and especially throughout the sensitive transitions like a background check or interview process, it’s important to design and delicately manage their experience.

A particular point of concern for many candidates is the background screening process. This process is filled with uncertainty and stress for many people as they wonder what’s involved and how their results might impact their chances of being selected. Your efforts to manage the screening process can go a long way to leaving those you hire, and even those you ultimately do not select, feeling better about your company.

Our latest slideshow shares facts and guidance about how to take care of your candidates and your reputation. Flip through it here:

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