Screening Your Drivers: Managing the 2 Faces of Risk [SlideShare]

When you’re hiring drivers to represent your company, you must consider the many ways in which hiring the wrong person can put people, brands, and profits at risk. The risks must be looked at both in terms of the inherent risks of the person you’re hiring and the background they bring with them, along with the risks that are rooted in the cargo they’ll carry or the purpose of their driving job.

In some cases, the distinction can be obvious. Drivers of armored vehicles carrying cash and drivers of vehicles carrying produce, for example, have very different risk profiles. In other cases, the distinctions can be more complex. Nonetheless, these risk profiles need to be accounted for in your pre-employment and ongoing screening programs.

The SlideShare presentation below highlights key considerations for managing these two sides of risk and offers 6 tips for screening and hiring drivers in your workforce:

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