How to Explain Employment Screening to Your Job Candidates [Infographic]

explain employment screening

As a hiring manager, you have a challenging job. You hold two important perspectives – the company’s interest, and the employee’s rights and needs – and you must hold them both in balance for the hiring process to go smoothly, especially during employment screening.

Approaching the employment background check phase can be one of the most delicate and critical junctures, where the two perspectives meet. How you approach this conversation can make the difference in building trust and morale vs. setting a tone of fear, intimidation, or separateness. Presenting this information in a neutral and supportive way will help your candidates relax and stay engaged in the hiring process rather than turning their attention elsewhere, while also mitigating the company’s risk.

First, a prospective employee (or a prospective promotion candidate) deserves to be recognized and celebrated for getting to the advanced stage of the hiring process. Secure authorization from your candidate early in the interview process. Do your best to normalize this stage as a confirmation procedure for final candidates rather than as an interrogation or fault finding mission. Intend for the examination process to provide information without damaging the budding relationship with a valuable human resource.

Recognize that candidates also have a right to hear if negative information comes up in the employment background check, if it is possible that it could disqualify them from employment. Assure them they will have an opportunity to review and explain what comes up in the process.

In our latest infographic, you’ll find more information and tips for having the employment background check process go well, from both perspectives. Check the infographic out here:

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