[Infographic] Your Hiring Process: Tips to Bring the Right People On Board

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins contends, “If you have the wrong people on the bus, nothing else matters.”

The message is, your organization requires good, qualified people working together to achieve its goals. So how do you bring the right people on board?

Our perspective is that there is a strong risk management component to hiring. Since you have to hire humans, you have to take on their inevitable shortcomings and weaknesses along with the strengths you discover in the sourcing and evaluation process. As you evaluate a candidate for their claimed qualifications for a job, you have to investigate for characteristics and experiences they may not have mentioned—the risks that could end up triggering negative outcomes.

One tool most employers today use in this quest is background screening. These checks help employers minimize bad hires while staying in compliance with employment laws.

Our new infographic, Tips to Bring the Right People on Board, summarizes why and how employers can design background screening processes to mitigate hiring risks. Take a look:

Tips to Bring the Right People On Board

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