The Employer’s Dilemma: Job Applicants with Criminal Records [Infographic]

According to National Employment Law Project (NELP), more than 1 in 4 U.S. adults have a criminal record. As an employer, this means you have a very high chance of encountering applicants and employees whose past you may need to consider in making an employment-related decision.

The dilemma is significant: On one hand, the EEOC requires us to treat everyone the same, but assess them individually in regards to their criminal background. On the other hand, workers, customers and the public expect us to do all we can to protect them. This means keeping potentially unfit or unsuitable people out of positions where they might cause harm.

It’s this balancing act of equal employment rights and the obligation to protect individuals that can leave employers feeling stuck between a rock and hard place.

Our latest infographic explores the employer’s dilemma and offers advice on how you can establish background screening and hiring practices that achieve both goals. The key takeaway from this information is that your employment screening needs to be more than a routine “check the box” activity.

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applicants with criminal records

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