[Infographic] 5 Key Areas of Human Capital Risk


Human capital risk, defined as the gap between the goals of the organization and the skills of its workforce, stems from many sources. Organizations depend on small or large groups of individuals—each related to one another through a division of labor, with each person’s work intended to contribute to achieving the organization’s overall goals. In this complex environment, people will invariably introduce risks of various kinds, intentionally or not. These risks have the potential to impose significant losses on brand, reputation, morale, and revenue.

This new infographic, created in partnership with our parent company, enterprise risk management consulting firm, Lowers Risk Group, highlights 5 types of human capital risk: complacency, turnover, occupational fraud, catastrophic workplace events, and negligent hiring or retention. Each of these risks can be managed through deliberate measurement, policy, and actions. Our visual presentation offers definitions and tips to help you better manage your human capital risks.

Check out the infographic here:



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