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When it comes to solving problems and creating opportunity for your business, the last thing you want to hear is another vendor with empty promises. Proforma Screening Solutions operates with the mentality that “doing the right thing” for the people and organizations we serve is better than making a quick dollar. We’re about doing the right thing for our customer, for the applicant, and for the safety of the people with whom your customers and employees come in contact.

Doing the right thing is a promise you won’t hear from most vendors and it’s one that sets us apart as a trusted partner and advisor to successful corporations nationwide. We didn’t enter this industry more than 20 years ago to do anything less for companies striving to build safer and more qualified workforces. This mentality forms the foundational idea that sets us apart and can be experienced in the details of all that we do.

Pre Employment Background Check and Screening Services with a Risk Management Perspective

We approach background screening from a risk management perspective because it’s not about finding out all you can about an individual (anyone can do that!), it’s about obtaining useful and relevant information to make better decisions about that person’s suitability for employment. Fundamentally, we strive to ensure that the information we provide to you is actionable without adding unwanted risk. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

The bottom line is this: Performing employment background screening incorrectly may actually increase your risk more so than not doing it all. Believe it or not, you may be better off not knowing anything about your employee or applicant than you are denying employment or terminating an employee on the basis of information you should have never considered.

At Proforma, we understand the compliance environment surrounding background checks and work to strike a balance between your risk tolerance, compliance issues, and your informational needs.

Background Screening to Support Your Business Goals

What does your company seek to accomplish? Are you simply trying to satisfy the due diligence requirements of your client base by “checking the box” and putting the completed background check in a file somewhere? The background screening process required to accomplish “checking a box” is much less than a company seeking to make predictive decisions about prospective members of their workforce.

There are plenty of companies that will sell you a background check but the reality is this: Much of the information you’ll receive from a one-size-fits-all background report is not suitable for employment screening at all. At Proforma, we know the difference and as a result, we have established a true difference in this industry. We don’t simply sell data. We look at your business from a risk management perspective, consider your business goals, and then recommend the appropriate background screening methodology required to meet those goals.

Access to True Background Screening Experts

In shopping around for a background screening provider you’ll find several large publically traded organizations that have smart, educated, and experienced people working for them. Guess what? It’s unlikely you will ever actually have access to those individuals. These “transaction shops” are inundated with requests and rely on call centers and low level staff to field customer calls. At Proforma, our clients have direct access to people with 20 years or more experience in the human capital space. These are people who can really help you make decisions.

Customized Pre Employment Background Screening Services

The transactions shops of the world (those high volume impersonal background screening companies) are just fine for organizations wishing to consume data quickly, somewhat accurately, and at a reasonable cost. However, if your business situation has a special nuance that must be accommodated, you’ll likely not fit inside the transaction shop model. At Proforma, we’re built for customization and we deliver actionable information. This approach combined with flexible order fulfillment and delivery processes and systems enables our clients to make more informed business decisions and most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

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If you’re ready for a different kind of background screening provider, look no further. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s needs, goals, and challenges.

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