Employment Background Check Company Background

Proforma provides accurate, efficient, and compliant employment background screening solutions to support your business goals. Our mission is to help our customers create and implement sound background screening strategies that result in:

  • A safer and more qualified workforce
  • Greater productivity
  • Fewer losses
  • Reduced liability
  • Higher profitability 

An Employment Background Screening Company with a Consultative Approach

Our difference lies in our consultative approach. We do more than just generate a background report or administer a drug test, we partner with our clients to support their business goals.

Our clients count on us to:

  • Understand and measure their human capital risk.
  • Create background screening policies and programs to manage their risk.
  • Implement accurate, efficient, and cost-effective background screening solutions.
  • Use background screening data to help them make better hiring decisions.
  • Help them maintain compliance with applicable hiring laws and regulations.

Our Employment Background Check Company Experience

Proforma is backed by more than 75 years of experience in risk management and employment screening and background checks. Over the years we have helped small businesses and large corporations institute screening programs that go beyond simple reporting to build effective and compliant screening programs that drive better hiring decisions. Our business has grown through a consistent commitment to doing the right things, time and time again, for our customers and their applicants.

Employment Background Screening Technology

We offer the latest in technology to streamline the screening process not only for your own HR needs but for your applicants as well. Our proprietary E-Authorize system features a user-friendly interface, signature capture technology, applicant tracking, and document storage capabilities. It runs on the widely accepted ClearStar platform and is XML compliant to integrate with your existing applicant tracking system. E-Authorize enables a simple and efficient screening process that is appreciated by applicants and managers alike. 

”(Proforma’s E-Authorize) system eliminates most of the paperwork hassles, reduces errors, and helps keep us compliant with internal policies.  More importantly, it frees up valuable time for our staff allowing them to focus on the needs of our customers rather than following up on missing paperwork and doing data entry.”
Sandra Foster, VP of Human Resources, BeavEx, Inc.

In addition to our traditional enterprise-level E-Authorize background screening system, we offer a small business ordering system called EZ-Authorize.  EZ-Authorize offers basic screening packages available through a quick and easy ordering system, suited specifically to the needs of a small business owner.

Our Background Screening Experts

We are proud to offer an experienced and qualified team of managers and representatives to help you build and implement an effective screening program.

Our management team offers experience in the security, background screening, risk management, and investigative fields.  But you won’t find our managers tucked away in a corner office somewhere. Instead, you will directly benefit from the experience and wisdom of our leaders as they remain actively involved and available in the day to day operations and service of your account.

When you become a Proforma client, you will also be supported by a highly trained staff working closely with you to understand and fulfill your business needs, risks, and requirements related to pre-employment background screening.

An Employment Background Check Company to Meet Your Needs

Whether you require a drug screening program for your small business or a comprehensive screening solution, Proforma can tailor a strategy to meet your needs.

We offer a wide range of pre-employment screening and background checks, including:

Program Management
Criminal Records Checks
Employment Verifications
Personal Searches
Drug Screening

Have questions?

Request a meeting with one of our background screening experts or call us at (866) 276-6161.

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Believe it or not, Proforma is the first company we have ever dealt with in which I have no worries they will do a great job for us and that they have our best interest in mind. For that alone I say thanks.
Joe Castaldo
Vice-President of Operations, United Delivery Service, Ltd

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